Sweet Steel Lugged Bikes

Steel Lugged BikeHaving owned Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and Steel bikes I have to say, steel is real! Not just any steel of course. I am partial to the lighter Cromoly steel bikes. Especially the lugged and butted steel frames. When I see the art that goes into some of these lugs, I almost start to cry. I know it is silly, but that is why I am in the business I am in. I LOVE BIKES. As I tell many people “I like working on bikes even MORE than riding them”. I don’t actually OWN a bike. Yep, it is true. I just ride the ones I am working on. Boy, there are a few I sure do miss.

“Lugged steel frame construction is a method of building bicycle frames using steel tubing mated with socket-like sleeves, called lugs. For most of bicycle’s history steel has been the primary material for bicycle frames, with lugged construction the primary assembling method.” – Wikipidia

Here are some pictures of my favorite lugged steel frame bikes (and some other related things). Please send me some of your favorites. I would be happy to post them as well.

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