Boys and Girls Club
SF Bike Rescue has partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco to create a new bike program. SF Bike Rescue will be taking donated, or unused bikes, and giving them to qualifying pre-teen children. We will also be teaching teens to repair these bikes and they will […]

Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco

Malcom X Academy
Hello my friends! We were fortunate to give Malcom X Academy some tricycles and bicycles today. I could not even get them through the door before kids were riding them around the playground. Our job is done here 🙂   “If you give money, spend yourself with it, and do […]

Bikes for Malcom X

What a great idea! Combine your exercise AND making your smoothie. I have seen many versions of the Bike Blender, so I started making a gallery for it here. I plan to “mess around” with several versions and figure out which is best. I will keep you posted, and hope […]

Bike Blenders

Believe it or not, I do not OWN a bike. I just ride the ones I am fixing until they are gone (which is usually in a day or two). Of the hundreds of bikes that have left my hands, there is a few I really wish I didn’t have […]

Bikes I Miss Already

recycle a bicycle today
Thank you for your tax deductible donations We can accept most donations of bikes, tools, work and advice. Bikes: Most bikes in working or non-working condition accepted. Bikes we cannot accept at this time: Kids bikes in non-working condition Magna, Roadmaster, Schwinn department store bikes in non-working condition (Walmart, Target […]


Bay Area Stolen Bikes Here are some local resources for stolen bikes. If you have others that have worked for you, please let us know so we can list them. Stolen Bicycle Registry San Francisco Bike East Bay Registry Stolen Bicycles Bay Area (Google Group) Proper bike locking in the […]

Stolen Bikes in SF

The Art of Bikes Some bikes just make me smile. My favorite thing is Steel Lugged Frames but may other things catch my eye (like this wooden bike to the right). This section of SF Bike Rescue is dedicated to the art of bikes. Pictures, paintings, unique designs or other […]

The Art of Bikes

Having owned Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and Steel bikes I have to say, steel is real! Not just any steel of course. I am partial to the lighter Cromoly steel bikes. Especially the lugged and butted steel frames. When I see the art that goes into some of these lugs, I […]

Sweet Steel Lugged Bikes

Here is a few of the bikes that have been rescued. I will try to take more “before” pictures as well so you can see the process. It is all about the journey! If you love working on bikes, I could always use your help. “When the spirits are low, […]

Gallery of Bikes Rescued