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recycle a bicycle todayOur Mission

We take bikes that are not being used, fix them, and get them to people who need them. Simple and effective!

SF Bike Rescue started when I moved to San Francisco in March 2013. I began to volunteer at the Bike Kitchen every second they were open (which is only 4 days a week, for 3 hours each). This is a fantastic organization, and I highly recommend using it to learn, and fix your bike. As with all organizations, there are opportunities not being fulfilled.  The bike kitchen gets more donations than they can use, so they often turn them away. Many working, or near working bikes are being sent daily to the metal recycling bin! There is nothing I like better than fixing old bike and getting them on the road, so a light popped on, and SF Bike Rescue was born.

We now give away hundreds of bikes a year though local organizations. It is a true labor of love.

-Eric Phillips (founder)

“Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use”. ~ Charles M. Schulz

Although this is taken directly from Bike Works in Seattle Wa. I just had to post it here. It is so beautiful, and goes along well with our core beliefs. We support this mission with all ages, youth to grandparents.


To create a just world where young people are empowered and engaged in communities that foster understanding and participation and encourage the health of people and our planet.



We believe that bicycling is an accessible form of transportation that promotes public health, builds confidence, encourages environmental stewardship and strengthens community.


We are committed to youth empowerment. We provide youth opportunities to grow as leaders, give back to the community, work together and see themselves as owners and creators of our collective future.


We work to build strong, supportive, inclusive community. We welcome and respect diversity of experience, identity and opinion and believe that collaboration is a powerful tool for social change.


We believe that we are all teachers and learners, and we strive to be a place where we can work, learn, and grow together. Through our work we foster creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and cooperation.


We are committed to making cycling accessible, affordable and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, abilities and incomes.


We believe that respecting and connecting to the world around us leads to more livable communities. To that end, we practice and encourage waste reduction and reuse, prolong the life of bicycles, promote cycling and teach environmental stewardship.


Inequalities of wealth and opportunity in our community privilege some and marginalize others. We see bicycles as vehicles of empowerment, and our work as contributing to creating a more just and equitable world.


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