donate sfbikerescueBike Rescue Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit program that saves bicycles from becoming landfill, then gets them back onto the streets and into the community. The program bridges the gap between various sources with bicycle surplus issues and the community organizations with members in desperate need of clean, reliable transportation. Every bicycle we rescue has a story and through this program, we are able to re-write their endings.

Bike Rescue is a valuable project that addresses many issues in our communities. The largest is waste. Landfill and an excess of waste has been a growing issue on a global scale that starts locally. Bike Rescue works with government agencies and businesses to eliminate or drastically reduce the amount of waste they produce, especially bicycle waste. The program receives bicycles that would have otherwise gone to the trash and gets them back to the streets.

We appreciate all support and donations for the program. Please contact us with any information, questions, or concerns you may have about what we do. Word of mouth is the best marketing and keeping an open conversation with our community is the key to our survival. Thank you and keep those wheels rolling!





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